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Mississippi to Africa captures Collier's 14-year journey in unearthing the buried history of his maternal grandmother's family -- a journey that took him back seven generations, from northern Mississippi to the Piedmont hills of South Carolina, and even back to a specific people and region in West Africa where his ancestry undoubtedly began.  Trekking the paths of his ancestors and their displaced relatives before Emancipation (1863), this emotion-filled journey traversed down an intricate paper trail of federal, state, and local records, other public records, and oral histories, presented in a narrative style to inspire, entice, and propel readers into the fascinating world of genealogy and historical discoveries.  Collier also uncovered the ways in which his ancestors ingeniously retained aspects of their African heritage.  DNA technology confirmed his research findings and verified ancestral ties. The reader will gain many "roots-digging" tips and techniques along the journey.

** WHAT'S NEW **
The nature of genealogy research has witnessed some changes since its first release in 2008 due to advances in technologies.  Because of this, the 2nd edition will contain an updated Research Tips section, a number of updates/revisions, and a new epilogue that will show how autosomal DNA testing validated research findings. 


Paperback; 302 pages; $14.99


By Melvin J. Collier
Foreword by Rick Kittles, Ph.D., African DNA Pioneer
Co-founder of
African Ancestry, Inc.

Gain MUCH Insight to Trace Your Own
History Back Generations!

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Spike Lee and Melvin J. Collier

Melvin appeared as one of the expert genealogists on the Spike Lee episode of Who Do You Think You Are on NBC that aired on April 30, 2010. This episode highlighted Spike Lee's search for his ancestry in Georgia.

In Mississippi to Africa, A Journey of Discovery, you will follow a roots-tracing journey of discovery that faced: the Great Migration, slavery/slave-owners, surname changes, miscegenation, oral histories, the Civil War, family separations during slavery, a plethora of historical records, slave documents, West African peoples, and more!

Collier is also the author of 150 Years Later: Broken Ties Mended, which was released in July 2011.

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